About Me

Very quickly this is me in a nutshell...

Name: Heather Taylor
Age: 26
Job: Physiologist, 
PersonalTrainer and a Spin/class instructor.

Sport: Standard Duathlete Age Group Team 
GB, currently training for Europeans and World Championships. I have been training with Dan Sims a successful triathlete, Ironman and strength and conditioning coach from Brenchley in Kent since November 2014 and since then have felt the benefits and seen great improvements in my 
strength,running speeds and we've been working extra hard on improving my weaker side the cycling! http://www.ais-fitness.co.uk/abo_content_detail_p.php/103/About+AIS

Interests: As well as cycling and running, I try the odd triathlon too.  I love mountain biking or anything outdoors, horse riding, dancing, baking, cocktails and finding good cake caf├ęs!

Nicknames: Pocket Rocket (short and powerful I wish!)                
Peanut Butter Bunny (as I love organic peanut butter, it should be hidden from me!)

Favourite Quote: Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving....

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